With the massive migration to cloud based services, your organization might find itself with a cluster of “island” applications, with redundant (or out of sync) functionality, data, and processes.

While the business owners are often initially satisfied with the rapid deployment of a cloud based service, it doesn’t take long to realize that your new cloud based service didn’t integrate with your other processes.

Nifty Inc. has experts who help you through the entire way.

  • Study of your existing Business process implementation to avoid creating redundant business processes with the new service.
  • Modify the business process implementation so that only the functions that your cloud provider excels in is implemented within the cloud application.
  • Create/ Modify Business process workflows so that the total business function operates seamlessly.
  • Use best practices to architect your integration needs using SOA, BPM, web services, etc.
  • Integrate with other applications which are on-premise, or hosted, or at another cloud provider.
  • Provide daily production support to resolve any integration issues.

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