Management Consulting

We offer the best in breed in management consulting bringing with us vast expertise and best practices in management methodologies.

We work closely with all levels of management in conducting top-down organization reviews, identifying operational and regulatory shortcomings. We also provide remedial solutions and help our customers in following through. We do realize that no two organizations are the same and take great effort in tailoring our solutions according to your corporate culture needs.

Nifty Inc provides program managment consulting for our bigger customers. We provide the framework for aligning all projects with the management vision, increasing the chances that the individual projects are pieces of the bigger strategy. It is also important to enforce organizational standards  which help in uniform reporting and evaluation of projects. We help our customers define their short-term (30-60-90 day) initiatives and align those with the long term (3-5 year) roadmap. We provide tools for robust quantification of project successes in meeting their immediate business needs and long term enterprise needs.

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